COVID-19 and Toad Abode


While lockdown has been relaxed, the threat of COVID-19 has not gone away. The below procedures have been put in place to keep Toad Abode as COVID-19 safe as possible for both our guests, our staff, and our neighbours.


Please do not visit Toad Abode if you or anyone in your household has symptoms of COVID-19 or is otherwise unwell.


To minimize the risk of spreading the virus, please consider bringing the following items with you:

Hand Sanitiser

Drinking Water

Toilet Roll

Hand Soap


Guests will be required to sanitise their hands before handling the gate and its lock.


Guests are required to practise social distancing; tents and campervans must be placed a minimum of 6 metres apart and remain 2 metres away from non-members of their own household at all times, where possible.


Toad Abode has a single, compost toilet. Guests are required to wipe the seat and any other surfaces they may have touched, with the provided disinfectant wipes, and then sanitise their hands after each use. Guests are required to provide their own toilet paper.


There are no wash or shower facilities at Toad Abode.


Toad Abode

Toad Abode is situated down a narrow country lane, along with equestrian, farming, residential and water facilities. Guests are asked to keep to the advertised speed limits and give way to any agricultural/industrial traffic where possible.


Owing to the narrow entrance vehicles must be no longer than 2.75 metres and no wider than 1.9 metres. 


Guests are advised to beware of electric fences, barbed wire, cattle grids, and other hazards, and asked to respect all boundaries and not enter any fenced off areas where they are not permitted to do so.


Dogs must be kept on leads and not allowed to enter other guests’ pitches or neighbouring properties. Owners are required to clean up after their pets immediately.


Guests are asked not to feed, and must not interfere with, or allow dogs to worry or harm, the neighbouring horses or livestock.


Toad Abode has one, unisex compost toilet; guests may bring their own camping toilets if they so choose but all waste must be taken with them when they leave. Toad Abode does not have the facilities to dispose of chemical toilet waste. Any guest caught disposing of waste on site or in the river, will be asked to leave and not return.


Guests must be over the age of 18 to make a reservation. Guests under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian, who remains responsible for their care and safety for the duration of their stay.


Toad Abode is a quiet site and at the request of our neighbours, guests are required to keep noise and music to a minimum.


Guests must take all rubbish with them when they leave.


Toad Abode will not accept responsibility for the loss or damage to any personal belongings left unattended on Toad Abode premises. Guest vehicles and their contents are parked at their own risk.


Fire Safety

Fires/barbecues are permitted in the designated firepits/barbecue grills only, or guests may bring their own to use, provided these are raised off the grass. Bags of logs can be purchased by speaking to Toad Abode staff.


Guests are reminded to take extreme care around all fires. Firepits and barbecues are only to be used under the supervision of a responsible adult and once lit, must not be left unattended. If you wish to have a fire/barbecue, please keep a means of extinguishing it at hand and children must be supervised at all times.


Open flames, and barbecues in enclosed spaces can be deadly. Guests are asked not to use candles, smoke, or store flammable liquids or gases in or near their tents and to take extreme care if cooking in their vestibules. Guests using their own enclosed log burning stoves in their own tents (hot tenting), will be required to exercise extreme caution and have a working carbon monoxide detector.


Toad Hut is equipped with a log burning stove. Guests staying in the hut, wishing to use the stove must exercise caution when doing so:

  • Use only the seasoned, dry wood provided by Toad Abode.

  • Use the air inlet, flue damper and open a window to ensure the fire receives enough air to burn cleanly.

  • Do not leave unattended once lit.

  • Use the safety guard.

  • Do not leave flammable items on either the stove or safety guard.

  • Keep a means of extinguishing the stove nearby.

  • Be aware of the carbon monoxide detector and heed any warnings.


Fireworks and sky lanterns are not permitted at Toad Abode.


Fires can spread quickly. In the event of a serious fire:

  • Get everyone out straight away and assemble in the car park.

  • Anyone whose clothing is ablaze should stop, drop, and roll, until the flames are extinguished. Fire extinguishers and fire blankets are located in the “reception shed” and Toad Hut.

  • Contact Fire and Rescue (telephone 999) and give the post code: SG12 8SX

  • Unlock the main gate if possible and keep away from the fire.


The above is only advice and guests are expected to use common sense with regard to fire safety. Toad Abode cannot be held responsible for advice given.


Water Safety

Toad Abode runs alongside the River Ash but does not own the fishing rights to this section of the river so please, no fishing.


Sections of Toad Abode include unrestricted access to the riverbank. The water is:

  • cold,

  • fast flowing at times,

  • deep in places,

  • and may contain under water hazards and wildlife.


For these reasons, no alcohol is allowed at Toad Abode and children must be supervised at all times. Guests entering the water do so at their own risk.


In the event of emergency, a life ring is located at in the “reception shed”.


Emergency Contact Numbers

Emergency Services: 999

A&E Lister Hospital: 01438 314333

Coreys Mill Lane, Stevenage,

Hertfordshire, SG1 4AB

Site Owner:

David Halloran - 07950163852

Site Address: Toad Abode,

Pegs Lane, Widford,

Hertfordshire, SG12 8SX


In the case of an accident, please let a member of staff know as soon as possible


The staff at Toad Abode thank you in advance for working with them to keep your camping experience as safe and COVID-19 free as possible.

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